Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Guitars – Electric and Acoustic

We are all aware of guitars. Guitars do not need any introduction. Guitars are stringed instruments and played by a plectrum. Guitars usually have strings attached to it. The numbers may count up to six or twelve. Guitars can be further classified into two types. One is the acoustic guitar and the other one is the electric guitar. People start by playing the acoustic guitar because it is the tougher one to play between the two types and makes your fingers firm of and capable of playing a guitar. The electric guitar on the other hand is much easier to play but some believe it is good to start with the electric ones as beginners. The sounds produced by these two types of guitars are unalike. And so are the strings attached to it.


Electric guitars are priced much higher than the acoustic ones and are smaller in size. Electric guitars require amps along with it to produce an unique sound whereas acoustic guitars do not require anything other than the guitar itself. Guitars can get damaged by a number of ways. If you leave the guitar in the trunk of a car for long, there are high possibilities of the guitar getting damaged. This is due to the heat inside the trunk of a car. If you do not store your guitar properly, do not expect it to last for long. You and your guitar must be treated exactly the same way. The temperatures in which you would not like to go out, your guitar should also not be kept in that temperature for hours. Electric guitars have the maximum chances of getting damaged. However guitars can be refurbished. Refurbished electric guitars could be found and bought easily as the price of a refurbished guitar would obviously be less.


Refurbished guitars
are guitars which are below par with their standard of quality. But the damage in refurbished guitars is so trivial that you can do away with repairing. Refurbished guitars sometimes have a busted structure which the manufacturer puts back into shape or is given away to a third party. Another problem with these types of guitars is that it has no warranty period. You need to judge it by your own sense. However if you opt for a big brand, the chances of being cheated are negligible. And anyway if after using it for a month it will automatically become a refurbished one.

It is not possible for us to find out the flaws just like the manufacturer does. So the manufacturer is the one who checks all these and then sends it to different shops or online portals. This was all about acoustic, electric and refurbished guitars. You need to be very careful while buying a guitar. Understand the type of music you want to make and accordingly get your guitar. Tale help for the person present at the counter if possible. They are experienced and would be able to tell you what suits you best.
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